We hope that this resource page serves you well as you lead during this trying time!

Note: Be sure to abide by the regulations given by our Federal Government, Provincial Government and Health Service.


Whether you choose to live stream or pre record your service, here are a few suggested resources.


  • 90 days free due to Covid-19
  • Encoder box or download encoding software on computer
  • Distributes streaming to Vimeo, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and other platforms
  • Upload pre-recorded sermon at a set time


  • Free to use
  • Takes your live stream from Facebook or YouTube and places it on the Free Online Church platform
  • Includes Bible and sermon notes


  • Free to use
  • Embed your third-party streaming code (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) in the Church Online Platform and start broadcasting
  • Bible, chat and hosting tools

Facebook Live

  • Post with local internet
  • Ability to post video to Facebook after the live video ends

Instagram Live

  • Disappears after 24 hours

Instagram IGTV

  • Post pre-recorded message (limited length)

Zoom (zoom.us)

  • Live video call
  • Free membership (with some limitations) available
  • Ability to join internet or by phone
  • Ability to divide group into small discussion groups
  • Video: Beginners Guide to Zoom

Other Resources


Whether it is devotionals, small groups, prayer meetings or team meetings, we hope that you find the resources below helpful. 

Facebook Live

  • Live video on Facebook (personal page or group)
  • Ability to share the video on Facebook after it is finished
  • Public comments available

Instagram Live

  • Live video on Instagram
  • Stays posted for 24 hours

Instagram IGTV

  • Videos longer than 60 seconds, posted to an Instagram page

Zoom (zoom.us)

  • Video call
  • Free membership (with some limitations) available
  • Ability to join through internet or by phone
  • Ability to divide group into small discussion groups

YouVersion Bible App

  • Download the app, start a Bible study and invite friends

Google Hangouts

  • Video call via invitation
  • Free


  • Video call via invitation
  • Free

Other Resources


As the church navigates being digitial, navigating finances can be an added stress. Here are a few resources.

Online Giving Options That Provide Tax Receipts

Other Online Giving Options

Other Online Giving Options

Other Resources

A Charity’s Guide to Canada’s COVID-19 Governmental Supports and Programs

Video:How Your Church Can Survive Financially - John Albiston

3 Types of Online Givers to Reach During the COVID-19 Outbreak

6 Mistakes To Avoid With Online Giving


Alpha Online – how to run Alpha Online along with Alpha’s Webinar series on helping you take your Alpha and Youth Alpha online and impact your church and community.

Canada's COVID-19 Economic Response Plan

COVID-19 Checklist for Small Churches

Covid-19 Church Summit

  • You can join a two-day digital summit (that was held on March 26 & 27, 2020) for churches and church leaders responding to Covid-19 hosted by the Nation Association of Evangelicals (USA) and the Humanitarian Disaster Institute at Wheaton College and National Association of Evangelicals.

Preparing Your Church Webinar

  • Preparing your church for Coronavirus. Join Jamie Aten and Kent Annan from the Humanitarian Disaster Institute at Wheaton College, in partnership with the National Association of Evangelicals (USA), each Friday at noon.

Coronavirus & The Church

  • Trusted resources for churches from leading experts.

Response Kit

  • Download our response kit to learn how you can lead well, what tools to use, and how to communicate effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic (and beyond).

Assemblies of God (US) Resources

What Will The Post-Coronavirus Church Look Like?

My Top 7 Rules For Leading A Digital Team - Carey Nieuwhof

How To Lead Through Crisis - 7 session online course lead by Carey Nieuwhof

EOND Children's Ministry Connect Resources

EOD Youth Channel Resources