church health

Church health and vitality continues to be a top priority among us.  Healthy churches impact their communities with fruitfulness evident through reaching out and making disciples.  Leadership in both rural and urban congregations are embracing the challenges to be on mission, relentlessly outbound and fully engaged within the communities they serve. 


Church life can at times develope into the management of historic ministries, policies and systems that are no longer effective.  Plateaued churches feature people who are often so busy maintaining existing ministries that they can’t (or won’t) embrace new and potentially more effective initiatives.  Church health requires objective assessment and visionary thinking and sometimes a leader can benefit from a trusted person and perspective. 


We offer the personnel and resources to help pastors and churches make disciples and address other challenges that threaten effective ministry.    

Church Health Coach

  • Frank Patrick - Church Health Coach

    p: 905.373.7374