Theology & Philosophy of Missions

Missions is the international crossing of barriers from church to non-church, faith to non-faith to proclaim by word and deed, through the power and work of the Holy Spirit the coming of the Kingdom of God in Jesus Christ. 


The Church participates in God's mission of reconciling people to God, to themselves, to each other and to the world. This involves gathering and incorporating them into the fellowship of the Church by repentance and faith in Jesus Christ and equipping them for discipleship and missions. 

Global Workers Promotion

The Eastern Ontario & Nunavut District, coordinates closely with our Global Workers and the National Office when it comes to promoting missions. When an EOND Global Workers/family (unit) is home on assignment, we do our best to help Global Workers itinerate within our churches. Itinerating benefits your church; it gives your congregation the opportunity to hear real life stories and powerful testimonies first hand. Itinerating also benefits our Global Workers, as it gives them the opportunity to build relationships and hopefully help raise their financial support for Global Workers ministry. If you would like to have a Global Worker come and speak at your church, please call us and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

For more information regarding PAOC Missions, please visit our National website at: www.paoc.org/missions


We are grateful for our many Global Workers/families that serve the Lord in many remote parts of the world. The congregations throughout EOND continue to offer substantial resources and support for global missions. New Global Workers are being deployed, while others have been on the field for several years. Many of our EOND Global Workers are familiar faces and are considered "family", as they itinerate within our EOND churches on a regular basis to raise missions’ awareness. To learn more about our Global Workers please click on the names listed below.  


The RAN Network serves as one of the 5 Regions of PAOC International Missions, and carries a unique mandate to place personnel among Unreached Peoples in Restricted contexts. Please connect with RAN to find opportunities that exist for engagement in this part of Christ's Kingdom.

Please click the link to view our website: www.rannetwork.com

RAN Workers

Please pray for the RAN Workers ministering to these people groups.