Downloads & documents

Managing the Pressures of Ministry - Dr. Don Lichi

Personal Growth Goals Resource

Study Guide



Canadian Council of Christian - CCCC Bulletins

Healthy Church Boards

Nine Rules to Remember When Issuing Charitable Tax Receipts

Church Records

(Assistance needed in Church Name Change/ Closure may be obtained by contacting Nicole Pedersen at

Church Name Change Procedure

Church Name Change/Closure Form

Church Name Change Checklist

New Church Affiliation


Credentials Applications

(If you live in Toronto and your postal code begins with M, please contact Nicole Pedersen to obtain a waver requesting your Criminal Reference Check)

Application for Ministerial Credentials

Application for Ordination

Application for Reclassification

Application for Reinstatement

Credential Questionnaire (Must accompany Application for Ministerial Credentials)

Employer's Reference Form (Secular Employer-Not to be completed by the Senior Pastor)

Ministry Reference Form

Ordination Reference Form

Verification of Ministry Appointment Form

Educational Requirements for Credentials

Divorce & Remarriage Applications

Application for Retaining Credentials

Divorced and Remarried Credential Application

Divorced and Remarried Reference Form

Eligibility for Retaining Credentials Reference Form

Divorced and Remarried Checklist

Supporting Documents

Minister's Code of Ethics

Credential Brochure

Divorced Affidavit (to officiate a wedding when there was a previous divorce) 

Alcohol and the Ministry - A Discussion Paper

Alcohol and the Ministry - Appendix 1 Biblical Teaching on the Use of Alcohol and the Ministry - Appendix 2 Grace and Prohibitions


EOD Constitution 2017

PAOC General Constitution 2018

Statement of Fundamental and Essential Truths

Local Church Constitution 2018

Local Church Constitution 2018 (Word format)


Charitable Donations and Tax Credits

Church Tithe Remittance Form

Clergy Residence Interpretation Bulletin - 1T141R

Collection Handling

Counting Worksheet

Credential Holder's Tithe Remittance Form

Donation Receipts and Mission Trips

EOD 2008 Consolidated Financial Statements

EOD 2009 Consolidated Financial Statements

EOD 2010 Consolidated Financial Statements

EOD 2011 Consolidated Financial Statements

EOD 2012 Consolidated Financial Statements

EOD 2013 Consolidated Financial Statements

EOD 2014 Consolidated Financial Statements

EOD 2015 Consolidated Financial Statements

EOD 2016 Consolidated Financial Statements

EOD 2017 Consolidated Financial Statements

EOD 2018 Consolidated Financial Statements

EOD 2019 Consolidated Financial Statements)

Rebate Form (Please contact the Canada Customs And Revenue Agency directly)

GST Public Service Bodies Rebate - RC4034

Guide to HST for Churches

Memo from CCCC

Transition Resources

Board Members - The Core Volunteers (Griffin)

Church Transition Manual

Church Transition Manual (Word Document)

Church Profile Worksheet

Church Profile Worksheet (Word Document)

Resume Template (Comber)

Resume Template (Comber - Word Document)

Steps Toward Building (building projects, expansions or land purchases)

Ten Board Room Principles

Transition Manual Congregational Survey Worksheet

7 Steps for Churches in Transition

What I Expect of My Board (Ratz)

Why Credentials? (Hazzard)

District Newsroom

Toronto Re-Zoning By-law Update